Full guide: How to becoming an AI insights-driven organization

In the rapidly evolving consumer market of today, it’s crucial for your organization to swiftly respond to unexpected developments and changes in the market, while also consistently innovating to stay ahead of competitors. Discover how to achieve this with the help of AI and generative AI, leveraging trusted market insights to drive transformation.


of business stakeholders — including marketers, senior strategists, product managers — say that AI will increase demand for research and insights


of business leaders believe AI will help integrate insights into other businesses and processes


insights teams predict that AI will improve overall productivity

  • Exploring AI: the turbocharger for solid insights-driven decisions   
  • The AI for Insights Vision: Transform into an insights-driven enterprise  
  • The People, processes, and tech – how will they change?
  • The key benefits of adopting a 360 AI-powered insights model  

  • Systems architecture and processes of the AI insights-powered enterprise
  • The business impact of implementing AI to manage insights 
  • How will the tech shape the new AI-insights-driven future? 
  • What does the new AI-insights-powered system look like?
  • People and AI skills: How the roles are changing
  • Getting started: Practical tips for building a winning AI-powered insights strategy


How does this guide help you?

There has never been a more urgent need to apply AI for insights into your business. But it’s not a straightforward process. The question is: Where to begin?

Crafted in collaboration with Market Logic’s AI for insights experts, our guide outlines the characteristics of the AI-driven enterprise, including structures, resources, and strategies. It breaks down the tangible steps to transform knowledge management into a far more powerful tool — so you can leverage it to drive impact and growth. It is particularly relevant for senior business leaders including Heads of Innovation, Strategy, and Digital Transformation. 

What is included?

In three parts, this in-depth guide explores these critical questions:

  • How can you begin your journey to becoming an insights-driven organization, and how is the tech evolving to support you?
  • How can your business deploy generative AI to turn consumer insights into impact?
  • How can business and intelligence teams collaborate effectively to improve the flow and absorption of insights in the organization? 
  • What is a high-level entire enterprise architecture (AE) for trusted market insights?