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Future skills for insights professionals

Future skills for insights professionals

How generative Al will change your job & the skills you need to stay relevant

How does this guide help you?

Generative-AI is projected to disrupt nearly every industry over the next several years. Analysts predict that one of the most impacted sectors will be knowledge work (McKinsey, 2023).

So, what will the jobs of consumer insights and business professionals look like in the future? In this guide, we look at the transformative impact of generative-AI on a role-by-role basis: from marketing managers to consumer insights researchers and more.

Use this as a one-stop guide to understand the opportunities presented by generative AI, the challenges your team may face in its implementation, and skills you should adopt in order to leverage these tools for innovation and. business growth.

What is included?

  • Examples of AI technologies being used by insights teams
  • AI by the numbers: predicted impact of generative-AI 
  • How to integrate AI tools into your daily workflows
  • Outline of an emerging Insights Architect role