Storytelling for decision quality at scale

Decision-makers only use evidence in 50% of their decisions. There are two reasons why: they can’t find the evidence they need when they need it, and when they do find evidence, it’s ambiguous and difficult to use. In fact, according to Gartner (2019), when there’s a contradiction between data points, 90% of decision-makers go with…

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What’s in a story? Driving impact with insights platforms

The goal of storytelling in an insights organization is to get people closer to the information they need and want – and to provide recommendations for action.

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Five storytelling steps to drive actions through insights

At our ESOMAR storytelling webinar, Forrester Analyst Cinny Little shared a fascinating glimpse into the “Five-Step Playbook For Data Storytelling That Drives Actions,” which provides a repeatable framework to turn data into actionable insights. According to Cinny, customers want what they want, where, when, and how they want it. Businesses need to keep up with…

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