Self-service intelligence

It’s time to let self-service intelligence do the heavy lifting, say 75% of intelligence experts

Market Logic was onsite at the 34th annual Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) International Conference & Exhibition in Orlando last week, exchanging ideas with intelligence experts on self-service intelligence and sharing live software demos. We’re always interested in learning from industry leaders, which is why we also decided to conduct a survey with SCIP…

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How smart does AI have to be to help marketers?

It would seem to some that AI marketing is a natural marriage for a marketer looking to deliver value by way of insights. However is that still a dream? Way back in 1965, Herbert Simon at MIT predicted that machines would be able to do anything a human can do in twenty years’ time. Fifty…

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Introducing our new cognitive marketing assistant

Today is the day. After months of posting blogs that explain all the technologies and concepts we are working on here at Market Logic, I can proudly announce the official release of our cognitive marketing assistant. It’s been an exciting time building this, to say the least, and with new technology breakthroughs every 2-3 days,…

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