Research automation

AI explainers: the auto-tagger

In our AI Explainers series, we talk about new AI functionalities in the next generation Market Insights Platform that make life easy for insights managers. Today, we explain how the system automatically tags reports with no manual effort on the user’s part, using the semantic auto-tagger. Today, I’d like to continue our AI series by…

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Reduce duplication of research

As soon as research organizations start running their operations on a marketing insights platform, they gain the transparency to save money in two ways, by preventing duplication of research projects and improving supplier management. Three ways to stop needless duplication of research Start with a proactive budget planning process. Create a learning plan by gathering…

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End-to-end research automation efficiency: 2018 and beyond

The automation of market research continues to evolve at breakneck speeds. In 2016, automation was widely used in the analysis of survey data and charting and infographics. And the 2017 GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report found that “69% of clients and 75% of vendors view market research automation as a positive trend or game…

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