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One less tough decision: selecting the best research agency

Choosing between research agencies should be as easy as coffee or tea; restaurant or delivery; umbrella or sunglasses. In other words, a simple and quick process that requires minimal effort – no need to spend hours of comparing agencies, competencies, paperwork, and past work. But selecting, monitoring, and evaluating all your research agencies can be…

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Why should research agencies partner with you for better collaboration?

With stacks of work piling up on researchers’ desks, it’s always a challenge to manage collaboration with research agencies. Fortunately, it isn’t as daunting a task as you’d think. Collaboration takes a clear process and the right tools to make for smooth sailing. Last week, Caro explained how collaborative research management tools can lower the…

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3 key reasons why your agency should partner with you for insights management

These days, marketers have access to a huge amount of data. The differentiating factor though is how this data is organized to set it into context and enable interpretation by insight teams and their market research agencies. What are consumers’ underlying needs and drivers? What are their key values? And how can these be met?…

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