Machine learning

Director of data science Gregor Lämmel on “AI in action”

Gregor Lämmel, Director of Data Science at Market Logic Software, joined host Anthony Kelly on the AI in Action podcast to discuss his foray into the world of AI-driven insights technology and the role Market Logic plays in the exciting SaaS landscape. Powered by Alldus International, premium AI Workforce Solutions, the AI in Action podcast…

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Validated primary and secondary research inside the cognitive marketing mix

There are high expectations towards behavioral data these days. Any move your customers make can be measured, right? The “when”, “where”, and “what products they buy in the same shopping cart” tell us nearly everything we need to know about them. We can contextualize POS data with journey data, trending news topics, and weather data….

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Merge machine learning and working memory to boost marketing efficiency

In one of a series of essays on the impact of AI on the insights profession, our cognitive guru describes how you can make the most of artificial intelligence. Train the machine to efficiently support the marketer with human-level precision for concept understanding, so humans can focus on complex tasks like formulating new product ideas….

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