Top 3 challenges in pharmaceutical and healthcare market research

In this article, we talk about the top challenges insights professionals face when it comes to market research in pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries. We offer some solutions that focus on streamlined research management processes, repeatable and scalable workflows, and agile insights technology, so you can increase insights-to-decision speed while staying 100% compliant.

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Authenticity, trends and faster insights for healthcare

During a fascinating Market Logic webinar, experts from Ipsos, Reena Sangar and Paul O’Meara, shared how connected health solutions are changing the healthcare paradigm, as well as how healthcare professionals are engaging with new patient solutions. Amongst the changing healthcare landscape, I described how AI can make life easier for insights managers by delivering instant…

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Disruptors: The healthcare challenge

In our ‘Disruptors’ webinar series, we look at industries undergoing major changes, inviting experts to explain key trends and what insights and intelligence professionals can do to tackle them. Here, we concentrate on the healthcare industry. The webinar on disruption in the healthcare industry brought together industry experts Jo Appleton, Head of Clients & Global…

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