Fast insights

Fast insights to sustainability

Market Logic was excited to host an expert webinar on fast insights for sustainability together with our content partner, TrendWatching. We covered a range of topics from t-shirts made of algae to “straw shame,” and discussed how the best insights managers can stay on top of sustainable innovations. We were joined by insights teams from…

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Speed to insights in the automotive industry

Market Logic was happy to host an expert webinar on “Fast insights for the automotive industry” with Delia Dumitrescu, Lead Innovation Architect at TrendWatching, where we were joined by insights teams from BMW, Deutsche Bahn, Fiat Chrysler, Hyundai, Mahindra and TomTom. TrendWatching is a Market Logic content partner that publishes trend analyses on many of…

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How cross-sector trends are impacting insights in the financial services industry

During our webinar Fast insights for FinServ, I was joined by Georgiana Brown, Deputy FinServ Customer Experience at Ipsos and Henry Mason, CEO of TrendWatching. We discussed cross-industry innovations and how technology can help insights and intelligence professionals manage and leverage their insights faster. The way we interact with our financial services providers has changed…

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