Consumer Trends

3 Insights Management Trends to Capitalize on in 2022

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game with powerful consumer centricity in 2022, leverage these three trends in insights and knowledge management. 

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Insights for sustainability and urban density: 2020 trends in APAC

Is the future here yet? 2020 has already shown some very exciting developments that could make you believe it’s true – think of Virgin Galactic’s commercial travel or Mercedes’ new Avatar-inspired car. Meanwhile, we continue to face dire challenges, with the Australian bush fires putting climate change on our radars in a big way and…

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Top trends for 2020 – and how to tackle them

Market Logic was once again proud to host the Trends for 2020 webinar with our content partner, TrendWatching. For over 17 years, TrendWatching has been scanning the globe for insights and innovation to make sense of change and 2019 was no exception: we witnessed some epic political battles, culture wars and new behaviour. And although…

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