AI-Powered insights takeaways at Coca-Cola’s McDonald’s division

Market Logic client partner Stephanie Eaddy, Global Growth Director at Coca-Cola’s The McDonald’s Division (TMD), gave an illuminating presentation on “Trailblazing AI Powered Insights at the Coca-Cola Company” at last week’s Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC), put on by the Insights Association’s in Orlando, Florida. The CRC is a private event for corporate researchers, offering presentations,…

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Lean and agile insights generation at Coca-Cola

Market Logic was very excited to be at IIeX Amsterdam last week with Coca-Cola, where a lively agenda stimulated great discussions on the stage and conference floor, see the Insights Platform wrap up here. For Market Logic, the highlight was presenting with Begoña Fafian from Coca-Cola, where we shared a case study on lean and agile…

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Insights agility at Coca-Cola

The 2018 London Market Logic Insights Executive Roundtable took place June 14th at Soho House in Chiswick. This is the second executive roundtable to take place in England, hosted once more by Chet Henderson, VP CMI Content, Connect & U-Innov8 at Unilever. The Roundtable brought together executives responsible for consumer insights all over Europe, with…

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