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Professional Insights Management is based on three disciplines: Knowledge Capture, Insights Development and Business Engagement. It empowers Insights & Analytics Experts to use data, information and knowledge from many different sources, convert them into actionable Insights and deliver them to different business units within the organization.

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Market Logic is an industry-leading platform for end-to-end insights engagment, perfectly engineered to the solve the top insights and analytics challenges facing today’s enterprises.

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We’re distributing targeted research to our stakeholders – insights they feel are relevant and can save them time. Having one single source of truth helps pull the puzzle pieces together.”

Colleagues gain a different level of trust by receiving information from our experts. It gives our users confidence that they can work with these insights.”  

The Insights Hub is the connective tissue for insights across our business, delivering fast access across corporate marketing and three business lines: nutrition, diabetes care and established pharmaceuticals.”

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