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Market Logic is your company-wide place to inform, align and grow your business.

Combining our AI platform with your expertise is our superpower. What once took you weeks, is now done in hours. Join Market Logic to unlock more time, more insights, and more innovation.

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Trusted by 100,000+ insights and business professionals around the world

Platform Introduction

What we do

Find the needle in the haystack

“We don’t know what we know.”

Imagine it’s a Friday afternoon, and you urgently need answers about inflation’s impact on spending for a meeting on Monday morning.

We help you answer these business questions, fast. Rather than spending hours pouring through shared drives for the information you need, you can self-serve by simply typing your question into the Market Logic platform and instantly pull synthesized summaries from internal documents, external news and multiple file types. Preparation that once took you 5 hours, now takes you 5 minutes. This saves easily more than 10,000 hours per year in a large corporation.

Put insights on the map

“How did we not see this coming?”

Your business teams are given reports that are too long and too unstructured for regular use. This means that key market insights become out of sight and out of mind.

We help you keep stakeholders in the know. Insights experts use Market Logic to send targeted, enriched reports that are fit for purpose, meaning that your organization as a whole becomes more intelligent and can avoid disruptions.

Fill research & knowledge gaps

“How do we get more bang for our buck?”

Your team is being asked to deliver double the insights with half the budget. We help to identify and avoid duplicated research.
We help you extend the usability of existing knowledge while also enabling your teams to easily conduct new research all in one platform. This makes your team more efficient and reduces your research spend by up to 20%.

Align & inspire through storytelling

“Why do my insights keep getting lost in translation?”

To stay ahead of market trends, you need to to inform, align and inspire the business effectively. As an insights expert, you’re sharing consumer reports to your Marketing and Business Teams regularly. But it’s hard to share vast amounts of data in a way that is both memorable and actionable.

We help turn insights experts from librarians into storytellers. Using our collaborative knowledge zones, you can create compelling insights that increase the usage of consumer insights in daily decision making by 60%.

Market Logic: the insights engagement platform

Capture data & knowledge

Integrate all relevant company, paid and public data into a one-stop repository

Develop insights

Create contextual & actionable insights from existing and newly researched knowledge

Connect business

Engage with business users to overcome the insights-to-action disconnect

Trusted by 100,000+ insights and business professionals around the world

What our clients say

We’re distributing targeted research to our stakeholders – insights they feel are relevant and can save them time. Having one single source of truth helps pull the puzzle pieces together.”

Colleagues gain a different level of trust by receiving information from our experts. It gives our users confidence that they can work with these insights.”  

The Insights Hub is the connective tissue for insights across our business, delivering fast access across corporate marketing and three business lines: nutrition, diabetes care and established pharmaceuticals.”

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