Scale your insights.
Make winning decisions.
Drive growth.

Can you give everyone relevant insights when and where they need them?

Or is your business overwhelmed by a tsunami of information? Do stakeholders cherry-pick knowledge? Suffering from decision fatigue instead of having the right information.

Poor decisions come at a cost

Harvard Business School estimates 95% of new products released each year fail.
IBM estimates businesses lose around $3.1 trillion per year due to poor data for decisions. And McKinsey reports that ineffective decision making translates to roughly $250 million of wasted labor costs each year for the average Fortune 500 company.

The smart way to get from
insights to decisions

Market Logic technology works in tandem with our proven insights-to-decisions method, helping organizations like yours make faster, better decisions that drive growth. Your insights-to-decisions journey has never been easier.

Use & Apply

How do you get your people to use your company’s massive knowledge asset to make winning decisions? You make it easy for them.

No matter how many sources, content, or users: unify them all with one go-to system for insights. AI technologies help anyone in your organization uncover, connect, and synthesize so they can quickly find answers to their business questions.

Collaborate & Engage

By providing state of the art processes and services you get Good decisions aren’t made in isolation. Collaborate across teams to eliminate cognitive biases and decision fatigue.

Empower diverse teams to collaborate and make decisions with all the facts. Provide tailored, relevant content based on roles and responsibilities and give business teams the information they need before they even know need it.

Sensemaking & Curation

Often having a large knowledge asset has the opposite effect: too much information is overwhelming and won’t get used.

Amplify sensemaking and curation gives your insights teams the scaled-up tools they need to make insights crystal clear for your stakeholders, so they can make cross-cutting, impactful decisions.

Workflows & Services

Start with your insights team: enable repeatable processes and services that can scale to meet the business’ needs and expectations. 

Empower your team to make sense of and curate insights to deliver better research for faster, smarter decision making. Standardize your research practice and methods to eliminate duplicate work.

Transforms your insights journey

You can add as many blocks of image and copy as you like with this bInsights adoption lies at the center of achieving decision excellence. Learn in this video how leading enterprises cross the chasm to connect insights with decisions at scale.

Originally DIG was generated as an insights platform. But what it’s doing is democratizing knowledge, and a company that knows what it knows will always make smarter decisions.”

Richard Thorogood
VP, Global Head of Consumer and Market Insights

Insights Connect is now an enabling transformation tool that represents the voice of our insights team, and the galvanizer for a new way of working.”

Stephanie Eaddy
Global Growth Director
Coca-Cola’s The McDonald’s Division