Pharma & Healthcare

3 Strategies Healthcare Companies Should Adopt Right Now in Their Insights Teams

If you’re an insights professional in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry, your stakeholders (and your stakeholders’ stakeholders – doctors, nurses, health care assistants, patients –) are very tired. But even after years of unprecedented change, the demand for faster, more efficient output continues to increase. This means it’s more important for insights functions in the…

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Balancing Efficiency and Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry is home to some of the most far-reaching requirements for market research within modern business. From certain vantage points, the industry seems slow-moving; drug development can take several years (if not decades), with the time between NME declaration and launch averaging 10-12 years. Getting a drug to market means navigating a maze…

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Faster insights delivery at Abbott

At the 3rd Market Logic Executive Roundtable in Chicago last October, Paul Bould, VP Global Marketing Insights at Abbott Laboratories shared a detailed case study on deployment of their marketing insights platform, the Abbott ‘Insights Hub.’ Abbott Laboratories ‘Insights Hub’ fosters a culture of sharing and collaboration Paul positions the Abbott ‘Insights Hub’ as a…

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