Financial Services

How effective insights management helps Financial Services overcome its biggest challenges 

Financial services institutions are seeing increasing pressure from changes in consumer behavior and increased market disruption. Proper insights management can help these organizations overcome their greatest challenges.

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The future of work with Prudential’s platform

The insurance business is changing, as the traditional friendly handshake over the dinner table is replaced with a swipe on a smart phone. So too is the future of work for all of the people that drive the business, with digital transformation accelerated by Covid-19. I spoke with Keith Golembiewski, Director of Strategic Insights at…

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Visa’s global insights transformation

It was great to be at ESOMAR Edinburgh with Robert Adams, VP Global Human Insights at VISA last week. We presented Visa’s case study for their successful Global Insights Exchange platform on the Innovate stage, amidst dozens of new research technologies that coexist in a martech landscape with thousands of tools. It was the perfect…

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