Esomar: Drive growth with insights-driven decisions at scale

A company’s future growth depends on how business and insights teams build capabilities to make winning decisions. In this webinar, you’ll hear a perspective on how technology can enable insights-driven decision making at scale, while building an effective relationship between knowledge experts and decision makers. The result: relevant insights from research & data being applied in every business decision. Despite there being an abundance of information available to business managers, more often than not they take decisions based on intuition or gut feeling, due to lack of time or skills to process relevant information. This means valuable insights from research & data fail to steer the decisions they were created for. In this session, we’ll learn how we can overcome this challenge by using software as an enabler, with essential insights capabilities. This way research, insights & intelligence teams can scale their research & analysis skills across the organization, engaging the business to always make better, insights-driven decisions. Key takeaways: Register with Esomar