Insights Executive Roundtable – Research Automation with an Insights Platform

Hear from At Colgate-Palmolive, Christian Niederauer said the DIG Platform (Driving Insights Globally), has been in place since 2016, democratizing a $300 million insights asset across the world with AI powered semantic search. Research planning and execution are also fully automated on the platform for transparent oversight and operating efficiencies. James Johnstone at Shell talks of delivering insights to boost growth for the corporation’s massive global retail and lubricant businesses, with a lean team of nine insights professionals. The Heartbeat platform plays a critical role here, enabling almost 500 stakeholders to self-serve access to all customer information. Joaquin Garcia-Lopez of Johnson & Johnson emphasized that automated research workflows are essential in the pharma sector, due to regulatory compliance which demands complex and time-consuming approval processes. Today HIVE, their global insights platform, usage is universal with 94% of all research executed on the platform, resulting in enormous time savings.