October 4, 2017

Martech East 2017: The Newell Brands experience

As one of the fastest-growing CPG companies in the world today, Newell Brands is driving growth on all fronts, from digital marketing to an aggressive enterprise innovation pipeline and astute acquisitions.

Newell Brand’s game plan

The company’s ‘New Growth Game Plan’ establishes a clear set of investment priorities, a new organization design for the company and a sharp set of portfolio choices that will focus resources on the businesses with the greatest potential for growth and value creation. Underpinning it all is an enterprise technology strategy to ensure insights are systematically used in marketing and innovation decisions and all players are aligned with transparent governance processes. It should come as no surprise to readers of this blog that Newell’s technology solution is a marketing workflow application atop a cognitive insights platform, powered by Market Logic.

Newell Brands at Martech East

Martech East is billed as the place where marketing, technology, and management converge in a dialogue to drive success in a software-powered world. All in all, it’s the perfect forum for Newell to share their knowledge and expertise with an audience of technologists and future leaders. Moreover, this year participants included Facebook, Google, Apple, and leading consumer brands in CPG, retail and financial services. At Newell Brands, Market Logic technology is used to reap the full potential of every insight, by implanting customer-centric collaboration, and the latest research in every mix approval. Victor Masawa, SVP Writing and Creative Expression brands at Newell and our very own CTO Olaf Lenzmann shared the company’s strategy at Martech East on Wednesday 4th October. Martech is the organization that maps a booming marketing technology landscape featuring 5000 vendors in 2017, “a huge leap from the first 150 itemized back in 2011”. Categories focused on efficient marketing execution across advertising, content, customer experience, social, sales, interaction management and data – where the emphasis is on measurement, analytics, and visualization. By contrast, Market Logic synthesizes aggregated market data into insights, which are then suggested in workflows that create value, including positioning, new product development, message creation and distribution strategies. So our paths don’t quite cross, just yet.

Newell Brands case study outline

In the Martech case study, Victor outlined the strategy while Olaf showed how the software motivates and enforces excellence, collaboration and compliance every step of the way. Delegates saw how members of the Newell team across marketing, insights, sales, R&D, operations, and finance, use their Market Logic platform every day to collaborate and make the ‘New Growth Game Plan’ a reality. The presentation revealed an evolving enterprise tech strategy; key success factors to maintain marketing and innovation excellence; and smart ways to establish governance in both a transparent and effective way. Delegates got a glimpse of how the platform powers all creative mix processes and innovation gates behind the scenes, from the latest viral slime campaign for Elmer’s Glue to sweet spot innovations like personalized Yankee Candles for millennials. The result is superior marketing execution, systematically driven by deep consumer insights.Register with Martech East