Live Webinar: Enterprise Insights in the Age of AI

Market Logic is partnering with Insight Platforms
to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by Generative AI.

Join us live on Wednesday, 21st June 2023 @ 10am ET / 3pm UK / 16h CET to hear customer perspectives and firsthand accounts of how insight leaders are adapting to this game-changing technology.

Live Webinar: Enterprise Insights in the Age of AI

Date: June 21st 10am EST / 3pm UK / 16h CET

How are enterprise insight teams planning to integrate Generative AI technology into their daily workflows? How might this technology change how insights are used across the organization? Market Logic is joining the upcoming Insight Platform’s webinar to discuss all this and more. Hosted by Insight Platform’s Director Mike Stevens, this session will offer valuable perspectives on how insights teams are adapting to the changing landscape of AI for Insights.

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