Bring trusted insights into daily work effortlessly. Make faster, better decision-making a natural routine for your company.

The first AI assistant for trusted market insights

Bring trusted insights into daily work effortlessly. Make faster, better decision-making a natural routine for your company.

How it works

Natural conversation

Just ask DeepSights™ questions using entirely natural language, as if you were speaking to a colleague. It’s also multilingual so converse with it in whatever language you choose.

Part of your team

Invite DeepSights™ into your MS Teams channel to bring insights into planning meetings and discussions effortlessly.

Trustworthy answers

DeepSights™ provides complete, fully synthesized answers that are easy to understand, citing the knowledge sources your company trusts.

On the go and at your desk

Fully responsive and mobile/desktop-enabled, ensuring you can access your insights wherever you are, 24/7.

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DeepSights™ innovation comes from Market Logic, the global insights engagement leader,  trusted by the world's leading brands.

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DeepSights™ requires minimal configuration, so business users can get up and running within hours. 

For existing users of MarketLogic’s insights platform just connect DeepSights™ to your existing Insights Hub.

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You don’t need to drown in a sea of data

The modern business landscape is a data-driven whirlwind. Insights teams are drowning in data, short on resources, and constantly under pressure to deliver actionable insights at breakneck speed.

But what if you could turn the tide in your favor?

DeepSights™  is designed to empower your business with game-changing market and consumer insights, consistently and efficiently. 

Say goodbye to the daily struggle of sifting through endless data and free yourself to focus on driving real impact.

Answers you can rely on to make better business decisions fast.

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Hear Experts outline the future impact of AI innovation on the insights world.

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How DeepSights™ helps me

Marketing managers ↘Product managers ↘Insight managers ↘

Use DeepSights™ to spot new market opportunities so you can stay ahead of the market and fend off competitors.

Remove time spent on finding answers for business users so you can focus on developing new high-value insights.

Insight managers

Create personalized messaging and campaigns that lead to better engagement and increased brand loyalty.

Marketing managers

Use DeepSights to quickly view insights about your target audience, their interests, and their behaviors.

Get real-time, accurate, and reliable market intelligence 24/7 so you can evaluate market trends and achieve product success.

Reach your go-to-market goals and drive new product initiatives with DeepSights™.

Product managers


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Change the way you work by leveraging market and customer insights in real time.

DeepSights™ draws accurate answers from your company's trusted knowledge base.

Ask DeepSights™ questions directly from your business tools like Microsoft Teams as part of your daily routine with no training required.

Get up-to-date insights within seconds of asking a question 24/7 so you can make faster, better decisions.

Connect DeepSights™ to your existing knowledge base easily. It's quick to set up, so you get the benefits within hours.

Information you can trust: It minimizes AI hallucinations 
or misunderstandings.

DeepSights™ has been specifically trained to answer questions with market research and intelligence.

Learn how a generative AI insights platform can help your business succeed.

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