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Coca-Cola’s insights platform, Insights Connect
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Democratize insights so they reach

decision makers

Insights are the currency of decision-making, but decision makers often struggle to apply insights when they need to. In fact, 50% of decision makers cherry pick data to make decisions [Gartner]. An Insights Platform offers a new approach. Market Logic technology democratizes access to all your knowledge and data regardless of its source, so decision makers can make insights-driven decisions every day.

Insights Connect – where Coke’s insights live

Insights Connect is the business’ home for insights, with a knowledge asset of $350 million. This includes over 20 thousand research projects, 120 thousand articles from secondary sources and 45 industry RSS feeds. This knowledge is accessible by the whole enterprise – with knowledge zones on strategic topics to engage stakeholders with storytelling, and reporting pyramids to provide one source of truth for the latest numbers. The platform is fully configurable to suit the needs of different teams and users.

How it helps you

Make faster and better decisions with relevant insights when you need them

Find and apply insights

Easily discover and use insights across your ecosystem and corporate data sources. Augment your findings with curated expertise from your insights team to understand what is happening and why.

One source of truth

Get the latest numbers with automatic updates from reports, trackers, and dashboards from all relevant business intelligence, social media, or analytics tools.

Insights tailored to you

Create newsfeeds on relevant topics, and get personalized content based on your role and interests. Our AI actively listens to all sources, spotting and routing insights relevant to you.

Elevate your work and deliver insights at the speed of business

Uncover insights

Easily search, browse, and discover insights from all sources to speed up your work.

Tell stories

Collaborate with your team to create and promote easy-to-digest knowledge and insight.

Distribute news

Monitor trends and provide guidance while reducing repetitive work to focus on insight and quality.

The Insights Hub is the connective tissue for insights across our It’s our one-stop-shop for insights and knowledge, while also providing access to one source of truth.”

— Martin Egger, Senior Director Data Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company

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