February 22, 2019

Read time: 2min

Video won’t kill the research star, nor will AI

Market Logic Team

Last week Market Logic was on-site at the Quirk’s Event in London, Canary Wharf for the US-based event’s first appearance in the capital, and maiden voyage across the Atlantic. The occasion certainly created a buzz for nearby research and insights professionals, especially with a high-quality agenda, packed with strategic topics that all should have top-of-mind. Market Logic Solution Architect Richard Adair co-presented with Carl Wong, Founder and CEO of LivingLens, our technology partners who help clients leverage the power of video. Their Buggles-influenced presentation ‘Video Won’t Kill the Research Star’ demonstrated the impact of video, not as a one-hit-wonder of course, but as a fully-fledged component of the modern research portfolio. In the session, Carl stressed the growing importance of video, because of its ability to deliver better, richer insights. He shared two impressive numbers that bring the argument to life. Firstly, almost 60% of senior executives prefer to get their information by watching a video instead of reading, and secondly, people retain 95% of a video message (Digital Content Next, Wirebuzz). Of course, technology like Market Logic’s insight platforms makes video content fully accessible and re-usable for stakeholders, alongside all other research in any other format. Richard detailed how important it is to combine video with other types of research to deliver compelling insights and deeper consumer understanding. That’s why we partner with LivingLens to seamlessly integrate video with all your past research. In Q&A, attendees quizzed Richard and Carl on techniques to ensure they benefit from all content – video, primary, syndicated, social, etc. Indeed, the overwhelming amount of information insights professionals are expected to stay on top of emerged as an overarching theme across many of the presentations. Clearly, a video is not the only thing that shouldn’t kill the research star – leveraging technology and artificial intelligence is becoming a must for the modern researcher to stay afloat. If you missed Market Logic and LivingLens’ presentation at Quirk’s, you can view the webinar on-demand. Click here