May 16, 2019

Read time: 3min

It’s time to let self-service intelligence do the heavy lifting, say 75% of intelligence experts

Market Logic Team

Market Logic was onsite at the 34th annual Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) International Conference & Exhibition in Orlando last week, exchanging ideas with intelligence experts on self-service intelligence and sharing live software demos.

We’re always interested in learning from industry leaders, which is why we also decided to conduct a survey with SCIP members on the conference floor. The key questions: how they handle the massive amount of sources available to them – and where they see room for improvement.

What we found showed the scale of the challenge facing intelligence professionals today. Nearly 50% of those surveyed serve thousands of stakeholders, while a quarter supports a more intimate circle of executives and strategists (under 100). At the same time, 55% of professionals are dealing with over 30 syndicated sources and 200+ newsfeeds and overwhelming volume of sources to wade through.

So it’s not surprising that 46% of respondents “strongly agree” that they waste their expert time playing librarians to many when they should be focusing their effort on providing strategic advice to the C-Suite. What’s more, even though they spend most of their time playing librarians, only 13% feel that the knowledge is being appropriately disseminated and accessed by the entire workforce. Compared to the overwhelming majority of respondents who think the entire workforce could benefit from their expert knowledge, there is a clear gap between expectations and reality.

That’s probably why 75% of respondents are looking for technology solutions to create a self-service platform so they can synthesize knowledge automatically and grant easy access to the entire workforce.

No surprise then, that our SCIP attendees were intrigued by our new AI-powered Portal, which helps intelligence teams with limited resources to equip their workforce of hundreds, or even thousands of stakeholders, to self-serve intelligence, at twice the speed and a fraction of the cost incurred today. This also equates to cutting the daily reading cycle by 50%, and means experts’ time is freed up to provide strategic direction to the business.

Forrester names Market Logic a leader in Market & Competitive Intelligence.