October 3, 2016

The right info in the right hands with knowledge zones

Market Logic Team

Insights teams know that their research packs the biggest punch when it reaches the right people at the right time. I have often heard that research teams task external agencies to create websites where they can promote their insights in a visually appealing way – good in theory, but often impractical in practice due to poor execution. The websites usually end up in siloes of their own, and access is typically restricted by usernames and passwords. Setup and maintenance are often costly.

In short, although these websites are created with the best intentions, they end up wasting time and effort for little impact. Maybe you’ve experienced a similar situation in your organization as well.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an innovative solution that makes knowledge sharing easy, while having the freedom to make changes at all times? We thought long and hard about the issue and came up with an innovative solution called Knowledge Zones.

Knowledge Zones are easily accessible via a central platform. They provide a place where experts can promote and curate multimedia stories that bring essential category insights to life. Experts can also easily interact with visitors through a Q&A function. They require no programming skills or IT services. In fact, 80% of the Knowledge Zones on Market Logic platforms are produced by senior researchers, 15% are created by marketers with subject matter expertise – without any IT service support whatsoever. If you like, you can invite your external agencies to help create and curate Knowledge Zones as well (5% of the Knowledge Zones on our platforms are designed with support from the research agency).

From promoting latest research, to distributing best practices and onboarding new team members, my clients have used Knowledge Zones for many different purposes. In fact, some organizations have started to replace all of their externally hosted information with Knowledge Zones.


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