February 20, 2020

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One source of truth for BI reports

Market Logic Team

Marketers need to know their performance numbers as soon as they’re available, which is why companies invest heavily in reporting systems that track volumes, shares, brand image and campaigns. But the decentralized organization of reports can cause inefficiencies, which is why Market Logic’s insights platforms put them all together in one place – delivering both hard and soft cost efficiencies. Before using Market Logic’s end-to-end market insights platforms, many of our clients organized their business reports on SharePoint. They experienced a multitude of complications and inefficiencies, including: Organizing business intelligence on an end-to-end market insights platform can turn this situation around. An organization with BI experts in a few dozen regions achieved hard cost efficiencies and soft cost savings by: When all your business reporting is aggregated and distributed from a single platform, there is only one source of truth. What’s more, business stakeholders can refer to the reports themselves, without relying on BI experts. That means that the executive conversation can shift from “where is the number” and “which number is correct” to “what the number means” and “what action you’re going to take.”