October 5, 2018

Next-gen Market Insights Platform Launch

Market Logic Team

On Monday, September 24th, 2018, we launched our next gen Market Insights Platform. Broadcasting live from the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, Germany, the event was joined by over 500 people onsite and online, representing 50 global brands, the world’s largest research agencies, and our fabulous Market Logic team. The launch represents the next step in Market Logic’s contribution as a tech leader. In 2017, Market Logic reached out to thought leaders across its customer base to ask: “What’s most important for insights management through 2020?” Here are some of the most heard answers: These industry requirements showed the need for radical change. Market Logic set out to develop a new market insights platform that transforms the role of the insights organization from managing insights, to running an insights-driven business. At the launch event, presentations and live software demonstrations showed how the new platform changes and simplifies roles of corporate research and intelligence professionals, with new features and advanced capabilities. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be doing a deep dive into the most important facets of the software, including interviews with the owners of different functionalities. These include: Stay tuned as we highlight the power of the new platform in our upcoming series of blog posts. We’ll showcase how it helps users to “Be Smart” and “Be Efficient” through updated and brand-new features. Request a demo here.