July 2, 2020

Read time: 5min

Make no mistake, Black Lives Matter

Market Logic Team

At Market Logic, it’s 100% clear for all of us: black lives matter. While it’s heartbreaking to see systemic racism and police brutality in our daily news cycle, it’s also been encouraging to see these issues take center stage in the mainstream discourse. Our team of 300 people from over 50 nationalities, has asked me to make this statement on behalf of Market Logic, because we all agree that in these times, silence is a statement too. Diversity and inclusion make our teams and our communities thrive. We are pleased to serve all our users around the world, where insights on people’s needs and aspirations drive innovation, loved brands and strategies for growth. We’re also proud to serve organizations including Unilever, Coca-Cola and Verizon, who are taking actions that have a tremendous impact, by choosing to boycott Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising until these platforms halt hate speech. It’s not enough to simply talk the talk, we also need to walk the walk. That means recognizing the work that needs to be done inside Market Logic, to nurture the highest commitment to diversity and respect, especially for those whose faces aren’t represented on our About page, or whose voices aren’t as loud as mine. We’ve always endeavoured to focus on what matters – merit, performance, ideas – and to de-emphasize what doesn’t (for example, gendered pronouns aren’t required in our HR system). Most of us live in Berlin, where we celebrate Pride with the fanfare it absolutely deserves. Our Code of Conduct embraces the right to work in an environment where all staff are treated fairly and with respect. Our management team understands that it’s our obligation to create and maintain this environment, to embody these values, and remind our teams that they are explicitly protected if they need to speak out about possible violations of this code. But there’s more work to be done. In the last weeks, we’ve launched a Personal and Professional Development Program to ensure that every one of our employees gets the guidance and support they need to flourish at work and grow their careers. Today we’re also launching the new Respect program, to encourage mindful collaboration across our diverse and multidisciplinary workforce. This will bring our teams together to understand the ways that respectful communications contribute to job satisfaction, stress reduction and improved collaboration. Of course, the Respect program will call out behaviours that make any workplace untenable – casual racism, sexism and stereotyping – to clearly signal that this is not tolerated at Market Logic. In this extraordinarily challenging time, we come together (while we work apart) to raise awareness about the racism pandemic that’s been around much longer than COVID-19. We’re here to support our clients and each other, by helping champion human insights as the driving force for corporate change and growth.