October 31, 2016

Read time: 2min

Fast-forward to the good bits: instant access to all your consumer videos

Market Logic Team

During my daily grind, I’ve noticed that more and more marketers are using videos for various reasons: from focus group recordings and highlights to video diaries, in-home immersions, consumer observations, and so on. Increasingly, our clients want to use video alongside quantitative and qualitative research to bring insights to life in the voice of the consumer.

Marketers need to see what consumers say about a product and how they actually engage with it because actions really do speak louder than words. Unfortunately, to glean this experience from a video, they have to sit and watch hours of video from beginning to end, to find the juicy bits.

Take this scenario, for example, a marketer is working on a new “re-sealable” pack design and wants to get a sense of consumer attitudes, through their own words and actions. She wants to see: what happens when consumers open a re-sealable package; what they say about re-sealable packages; how they feel when a package is hard to open; what the industry has to say about it. Of course, she doesn’t have time to watch hours of video – all the popcorn in the world couldn’t make this process a priority – but she needs to find the needles in the video haystack, where consumers express their opinions and actually open and close packaging.

With Market Logic’s video search, our marketer can enter the term “re-sealable” and jump straight to the point in any number of videos where the respondent discusses the topic, or actively opens and closes a pack. Even better, she can search consumer videos in any language, as transcriptions from the native language of the respondent (as well as a description of their actions during the recording) are automatically translated into her corporate language. And when she finds what she likes, our marketer can snip it and embed it in a presentation to make her business argument sizzle.

Most importantly, our marketer can search videos alongside research findings, past innovation concept tests, and industry reports, so she gets anecdotal video results together with validated knowledge from all the research.

Do you feel like you’re searching for needles in a haystack of consumer videos? Would love to hear your thoughts on best ways to solve this problem.