December 12, 2018

Read time: 2min

Disruptors: the media and entertainment challenge

Market Logic Team

Social media is disrupting the media & entertainment industry like never before. It’s become “the internet’s front door,” with constant connectivity changing the way consumers engage with multi-billion dollar brands, from Disney to Viacom and the BBC. That’s why Market Logic’s next edition of the ‘Disruptors’ webinar series will focus on media and entertainment. Our guest Justine Hess, Senior Consultant & Associate Head of Global MONITOR at Kantar Consulting, will discuss trends in the media and entertainment industry. Martin Rückert, Chief AI Officer, Market Logic, will also give a live software demo on how to tackle this disruption with faster speed to insight. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A discussion. Topics will focus on the main disruptors in the world of media and entertainment today: firstly, video is king—consumers are creating their own entertainment as photography is increasingly replaced by home-made videos with apps like Instagram and Tiktok. Meanwhile, online streaming is beating traditional TV, with the likes of Netflix dominating subscription video on demand and media companies increasingly broadcasting on social platforms. Music streaming particularly is eclipsing physical sales: companies like Spotify, NetEase (China) and VKontakte (Russia) are expanding beyond passive offerings to involve user communities via broadcasting playlists and personal stories. Social media has given rise to a multitude of new advertising and marketing opportunities: tracking consumer activity allows for targeted ads, and more and more brands are paying influencers to promote their products instead of purchasing ad space. The key behind these changes is sharing, and the number of options and approaches are overwhelming. The webinar will take place on Thursday, January 17 2019, from 11am-11: 45 am EST (5pm-5: 45 pm CET). To register, please click here.