April 16, 2020

Read time: 5min

Design thinking to meet the challenges for enterprise software

Market Logic Team

Our VP Design Jeremy Eccles says it best: “Consumer apps are often designed to kill time; enterprise software must be designed to save time”. Enterprise software must perform a multitude of complex tasks on many overlapping user interfaces. For example, market insights platforms support tasks ranging from private, simple tasks that can be performed on your phone, like finding the answer to a business question, to complex team challenges like curating a compelling story from relevant data to bring a strategic issue to life or designing and managing a research project across a dozen countries. In all of these situations, users need to be productive and efficient when they rely on software to perform their jobs. That means their software must support multiple user personas, vast amounts of data, tight security, industry-specific protocols, accessibility requirements and globalization. Enterprise software also has to address various user needs, as well as their roles, functions, departments and regions. It needs to grow and mature alongside the user, while seamlessly blending into the company’s ecosystem, by presenting its corporate identity. We took a moment to get Jeremy’s take on the challenges his team considers when they optimize user experiences with design thinking. In this interview, Jeremy makes the point that “Crafting an incredible user experience is so much more than just visual design”. His team of designers and UX researchers “run the gamut of user experience research, alongside design thinking sprints that entail intense collaboration with engineers and service teams, to craft the very best experience we can for our customers”. You’ll see that Jeremy and his team are truly passionate about design. “We work with our customers to send people on-site to the user experience testing and research. We love to validate and test everything that we’re doing so we make sure that it’s on point, and really the best and most functional software it can be.” Enjoy!