October 12, 2016

Insights for best in class shopper activation

Market Logic Team

Every sales marketing team struggles with the challenge that point of sale space is limited and fought over by competing brands and products. Retailers deprioritize product formats, and too many products overwhelm consumers who go on auto-pilot and might overlook your offering.

So how can you achieve the best visibility? How can you surprise shoppers at the point of sale with elements that attract them and suit their shopping missions? How can you ensure your products are presented well — in the right place, at the right time, and in the best possible and most cost-effective way?

Now think of all your colleagues globally who are asking themselves the same questions and working on solutions to meet the challenge. They come up with fantastic ideas for great POS activations for your company’s categories, brands, and products. This includes best-in-class secondary placements, placements for impulse products, best use of high traffic areas, and how to best organize the shelf to stand out against growing competition.

Of course, they’re also going out and implementing these ideas at the point of sale. They’re conducting research studies to test the impact of their idea and tracking the return on investment from activations to learn what worked well and what didn’t and under which circumstances. As a result, there are lots and lots of best practices on sales activation that if put together and shared in the right way could benefit everyone in the global sales team.

At Market Logic, our clients use best practice libraries to enable their teams to search through all successful sales activations within their company. When you use a best practice POS library, you can: quickly find similar business issues, review increasing, category or unit sales, locate key activation areas in-store, and choose the type of retailer. Along with this, your team can gain inspiration for display ideas by filtering previously successful concepts by picture and video from across the company. Once you feel inspired, you can share a summary of all key learnings in one PowerPoint slide with fellow colleagues and business partners.

Do you want to know more about how our clients leverage POS Activation insights? I’d be happy to help.