April 18, 2017

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Automate your research partner roster to choose the best agency, every time

Market Logic Team

In an ideal world, time at work in an Insight team should be mostly spent uncovering fresh insights and building knowledge, by analyzing consumer and market data to dig beyond the obvious for actionable recommendations. Ultimately, you want to enable your business partners to make winning decisions that are rooted in your company’s knowledge.

Of course, a big part of your daily work is also about planning and organizing new research. This includes collecting inputs to write the brief, complete with clear business questions. Also, it’s thinking about the best approach to get the job done, and choosing the right research partner with the competencies that suit the study:

Meeting all these requirements and being on top of your company’s procurement research partner roster can be time-consuming and complex. You go off to check with several colleagues who have experience with similar projects and who might refer you to a good agency.

Then, you look up all necessary paperwork, fill it out, and run after official approvals from procurement and business leads. Obviously, these are lost hours we could all do without. This is where research automation comes into play: by simplifying the process of quickly selecting the most qualified partner at the most favorable price, without compromising on quality.

At Market Logic, clients use research automation to centrally manage their research partner rosters so insights managers get great support along with these key automative steps:

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