December 3, 2019

AI technologies that “WOW” at TMRE 2019

Market Logic Team

For those of you who weren’t able to join us in Las Vegas for TMRE 2019: The Market Research Event, this year’s focus was on “The Rise of the New Insights Leader.” On reflection, across the many fascinating presentations, panel discussions and roundtables, that leader is clearly someone who can inspire their business with insights that are synthesized from many different sources and present them in compelling stories.

To warm us all up in a Sunday workshop, Bill Murray from American Family Insurance and Catherine Cooper from Empathy Wise conducted a truly hands-on design thinking workshop where I collaborated with colleagues from Brother, Sherwin Williams, Gorton and Sleep Number to explore insights and develop a prototype from pipe cleaners and LEGO blocks (you had to be there!).

Next day at the keynote, Kirti Singh, CAIO at Proctor & Gamble, cut straight to the chase with a reference to their global Market Logic platform, the First Stop Data Shop.
“Every question we ever dreamed of has been asked and answered. That’s why the fastest way to deliver an insight to the business is to use one we already own, with our First Stop Data Shop platform.”

I was pleased to chair the ‘Modern Technologies that WOW’ track, where we heard inspiring case studies from Gillette, Kimberly Clark and Warner, and saw new ways to leverage social media for copy testing, research new product concepts with transactional learning, execute DIY research in half the time, and outsource your data in hackathons to uncover fresh insights.

Inside the track, Market Logic and Jenny Michelman from Visa also shared Visa’s journey to make insights easy and effective for the business to use with the “The Global Insights Exchange.” Jenny explained how her project team applied the same empathic skills they use to understand and champion the customer’s voice, to understand stakeholder behaviours inside their own marketing teams. This understanding was then systematically applied to identify target change behaviours and measure ROI on their Market Logic platform to transform insights at Visa, the high-tech way.

When resources are scarce, the quest for new insights is more important than ever, so how do you ensure every product, pack and copy test forges new territory? TMRE 2019 had the answer in the form of Frank Santiago and Valerie Molina from Colgate-Palmolive, who explained how their organization used Market Logic technology to  leverage insights for business agility.

Frank explained how Colgate is planning, prioritizing and budgeting research decisions across regions to end duplicative research, while Valerie unveiled the sophisticated branding campaign they designed and executed to promote insights to their global commercial workforce.

Meanwhile, at the Genius Bar, the Market Logic team showed why our insights platforms lead the pack with its knowledge graph and AI capabilities in the new Forrester M&CI wave. It was great to get first-hand reactions to new software capabilities, including our AI-powered auto-summarizer which extracts relevant findings from past research to instantly answer business questions.

Finally, we celebrated with close friends and new friends from Colgate, Visa, AMEX, Amazon, Manulife and Best Buy at the fabulous Nomad library. What a night to end TMRE 2019!