February 6, 2017

Read time: 2min

Which ads scored a touchdown during this years super bowl?

Market Logic Team

It’s the most wonderful time of year. And no, I don’t mean Christmas – I’m referring to Super Bowl. That special Sunday, when according to my American colleagues, everyone bonds over the dip, beer, chicken wings, the halftime show, and, oh yeah, the football game. Lady Gaga was great and all, but for my money, she didn’t steal the show –the ads that aired did. While Ad Meter ranked Melissa McCarthy’s heroic Kia spot number one, my favorite was a close tie between AB InBev and Coca-Cola. Amidst the drama of the latest immigration bans, these were powerful and timely reminders that America is the ultimate ‘melting pot’.

For advertisers, making the headlines the next day for a compelling Super Bowl commercial isn’t just a marketing success, it’s a relief. Investing in a spot for the Super Bowl Ad lineup means taking a giant financial risk in the hopes of generating buzz and creating further opportunities for the future of the company. That means marketers spend 364 days of the year formulating a 30-second commercial that’s entertaining, memorable and worth every penny.

This year, Coca-Cola re-used a commercial from 2014. We can only assume this bold decision entailed a deep review of prior ad copy tests, proposed-campaign tracking and social buzz by a team of marketers and insights managers. A fly on the wall would have most likely witnessed analyses of successes and failures from the past, multiple iterations of fresh copy tests, and pre-testing against set KPIs such as brand impact, preservation, activation, and so on.

At Market Logic Software, we help clients through some of these processes with ad copy test libraries to not only upload and store their ad copy tests, but to get the creative juice they need for bold ideas and adaptions (see what else you can do to reap ROI from copy tests).

If you’d like to learn more, let me know soon – there are only 363 days left till the next Super Bowl.